Pink Rose Flower Essence


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Botanical Name: Rosa

Our lives are so busy and we often neglect to take care of our bodies that take care of us. In order to sustain our body, mind and soul, we need to nourish both the physical, mental and emotional bodies.

If you find yourself in need of loving support and spiritual nourishment, this essence will help you to love and nurture your own being so that you too can walk in the fragrant gardens of your being.


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Botanical Name: Rosa

Pink Rose & Allysum flower essence is a joyful reminder of beautiful fragrant gardens, bees, butterflies and lazy summer days. An essence of joy, happiness, nourishment and support.

Words that come to mind with this essence are grounding, protection, freshness and joy.

To me, this essence is like taking a walk in the garden of your soul. Summer, happiness, joy and delight all resonates with the gentleness of this essence. This essence also represents strength and nourishment. As you experience joy and delight from growing your own food, flowers and herbs to sustain you; so too will the nourishing of yourself and your soul sustain and support you.

To use, take 1-3 drops under the tongue or in a glass of water, twice a day. in. You can also add drops to your water when bathing or in a small mister bottle to spray your aura.

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