Pansy Flower Essence


Botanical Name: Pansy Viola

Our connection with all that is remains tangible regardless of our perceptions.

This world, where we experience life has multiple realms. They say that only those who believe in magic will ever see and experience the magic.

This flower essence is a sensuous reminder of the inner goddess that lives within your soul.

Acknowledging your inner being, empowers you to embrace the connection with all that is. If you would like to experience a deeper connection this essence will aid you in the process.

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Botanical Name: Pansy Viola

Pansy flower essence infused with Amethyst crystal is your connection to higher realms.

With its velvety soft petals and beautiful vibrant colors, this essence evokes a feeling of sensuality and beauty. Elevating your senses and reaching your crown chakra, providing violet ray protection.

A connection to the Realm of the Fae, a realm of all possibilities where the magic happens.

When we are in alignment with the earth’s energies, we are in community with all beings, strengthening our connection to both heavens and earth.

To use, take 1-3 drops under the tongue or in a glass of water, twice a day. in. You can also add drops to your water when bathing or in a small mister bottle to spray your aura.

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