Nasturtium Flower Essence


Botanical Name: Tropaeolum

As we transition from children into adults, we have a multitude of experiences in our lives. Not all of those experiences are pleasant and we subconsciously bury them, because we were not ready to deal with the trauma associated with these experiences.

This flower essence opens up these hidden emotions relating to those experiences, helping you to process the trauma you were not quite ready to deal with at a younger age. Everything we experience is only our perception of the world.  As we age, we grow personally, emotionally and spiritually. Our ability to reprocess prior experiences based on our personal growth enables us to revisit our perception of experiences.

If you would like to heal childhood trauma, Nasturtium flower essence can help you with this process to reclaim your freedom.

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Botanical Name: Tropaeolum

This essence is infused with Rose Quartz and a sprig of Mint.

Words that come to mind are warm, friendly, outgoing, sunny and happy.

This flower essence envelopes and wraps you in a warm blanket of safety while bringing up childhood memories. Releasing hidden emotions and allowing you to embrace feelings that you have not yet or fully processed.

After tears come freedom, it feels like you can fly in the wind, free, elevated, joyful and happy. Releasing your inner child and dance like a fairy.

To use, take 1-3 drops under the tongue or in a glass of water, twice a day. in. You can also add drops to your water when bathing or in a small mister bottle to spray your aura.

The powerful and loving nature of Nasturtium had asked me to write a song, I share their voice with you.

Nasturtium knew, she know how to love,
She heard the calling, the calling from above.
She gathers joy and sparks from the sun,
She blossoms and blooms and to her it’s all fun.
Nasturtium transforms her joy into a fragrance so tender, all it takes is one sniff, and you are ready to surrender.

As the wind blew, she called onto me…
Come, come here, I want you to see;
Use my petals, these flowers that’s me,
make a beautiful essence, and your spirit will see.
How I bring laughter and joy back onto thee.
Come here, come closer, I want you to see.

I offered my thanks, I picked her blooms;
With water and rose quartz, I placed them under the moon.
But wait… We are not done…
Don’t you have space for more than one?
So into the bowl, the sprig of mint went; and during the night, the crescent moon blessed.

Nasturtium knew, she know all along,
She knew I would write her a poem, I would sing her song

Her essence fills me with joy, I am drenched with the sun,
Refreshed in my mind, blooming in my heart.

Nasturtium knew, we all play a part.
After all … Healing is who we are, healing is at our heart.

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