Bladderwrack Herbal Tincture (20ml)


Botanical Name

Fucus Vesiculosis

Product Detail:

20 ml / 400 drops

100% Natural 

Shake well before use, add drops to a small amount of water or juice

Store in cool place

Small batch product

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Botanical Name

Fucus Vesiculosis


I am not a herbalist, nor do I claim to be. I do not make any prescriptions on the herbs you should use to improve your own health.

Herbalism is my passion, I love working with herbs, learning about their medicinal benefits and how to use them in my own life. For me personally, natural herbal remedies are my first and only choice for day to day health. I share with you all the uses that I personally would use tinctures for.

The responsibility and onus lie with yourself to ensure that you have done all the necessary research into each herb and that you fully understand how these herbs can positively benefit or negatively influence your health. If you suffer from any pre-existing conditions of the heart, low blood pressure, high blood pressure, pregnancy etc. be extra cautious when taking herbal tinctures that may work against any medication you may be currently taking.

Personally, I would use this tincture when

  • I want to improve my metabolism to assist with weight loss
  • I want to provide nourishment to my thyroid
  • I am looking for a natural aphrodisiac
  • I need a general tonic that adds to balances my mood and improves my overall health


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