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African Violet Flower Essence (Serenity Natural Healing)


African Violet:

Helps to bring in the light to any situation when all seems lost. Also, promotes cleansing away the old and giving life to the new. This essence transmutes the lower forms of energy within your body and promotes a positive state of peace and love. For those going through intense changes.

Aloe Vera Flower Essence (Serenity Natural Healing)


Aloe Vera:

The healer for healers, this flower essence has many different healing qualities emotionally as it does physically. This flower essence teaches one to be boldly independent and stand tall, stand out and be proudly unique. For those who suffer from self-doubt and sometimes feel isolated or “not fitting in”, this essence teaches you to shine your own light as the unique individual you are. Also for those who keep pushing forward and who battle with work-life balance.

Bird of Paradise Flower Essence (Serenity Natural Healing)


Bird of Paradise:

This bright orange and purple bloom assist one to experience bursts of creativity and expression. For creating new projects, ideas, inspiration, and manifestation. A wonderful essence to use when needing to create new things. For those with big ideas and needing to put them into action.

Daffodil Flower Essence (Serenity Natural Healing)



Just like a little trumpet but with intense power the Daffodil teaches one to stand in their own power and to find your voice and speak up. For those who battle to communicate or have suppressed feelings, emotions and traumas. For those who do public speaking and for any suppressed or blocked past hurts.

Hibiscus Flower Essence (Serenity Natural Healing)



Imagine a tropical island, salty sea air, cocktails and sultry salsa beats… This flower essence teaches one to let their hair down, have fun, be social, be passionate and sensual. For those who experience all work and no play and for those who feel isolated and have little or no passion for life or simply to find more joyfulness.

Pansey Flower Essence (Serenity Natural Healing)



Connecting the heart, the throat ad the 3rd eye chakra, the pansy help one to heal any kind of grief, sadness or pain where forgiveness is needed. Providing profound awareness of truth and bypassing the ego and mind healing takes place as the real issues are gently realized and released. She also works strongly on opening up the third eye.

Pink Rose Flower Essence (Serenity Natural Healing)


Pink Rose:

A natural nervine & rescue remedy, for mild depression, anxiety, grief, fearfulness. This flower essence teaches one to surrender and let go of barriers around the heart. The Pink Rose promotes self-acceptance and seeing one’s inner beauty and divine gifts. Promotes inner peace, trust, and ease, feeling safe to open the heart again to full bloom.


Protea Flower Essence (Serenity Natural Healing)



A beautifully exquisite, ethereal and mystical flower, the Protea imparts deep wisdom and connection to the higher self and past lives. She provides a gateway to swing wide open allowing you to access information from Guides and other Divine Beings. Connected to the Soul Star Chakra she also provides intense spiritual and emotional healing unblocking the entire chakra system. For those doing a lot of self-healing work and wanting to master the self and connect more deeply.