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Christmas Cacti Flower Essence


Botanical Name: Schlumbergera

An essence that connects both the heart and the sacral chakras.

Helping you to relax and receive aphrodisiac qualities.

Like Aphrodite, covered by gentle pink blooms, this essence is a reminder of the beauty of the body.

There is no shame in the pleasures of the body For the pleasures of the body bring fort the pleasures of your soul.

Embrace the beauty of your body and open yourself to intimacy.

When you are ready to embrace your desires, you will receive pleasures that feed both your body and your soul.


Cleavers Flower Essence


Botanical Name: Galium Aparine

Cleavers flower essence allows you to distance yourself from people, places and events that do not serve you.

If you find yourself weighed down by circumstances and environments and you would like to create a barrier to distance yourself from the negative energies in these circumstances. Cleavers flower essence is ideal to help you separate yourself from this environment. This essence allows you to retain your own personal energy.


Jasmine Flower Essence


Botanical Name: Jasminum Polyanthum

The beautiful essence of Jasmine is all about self-acceptance.

She gently reminds you to connect with your heart and know that your worth is not determined by others.

When you go within and see the true beauty of your soul, you know that you are enough.

Open yourself up and allow the radiance and light of your being to shine in gratitude, illuminating you to the path and journey of your soul in this lifetime.

Kalanchoe Flower Essence


Botanical Name: Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana

The first word that comes to mind is Patience.

Your patience is rewarded, your heart will open up to love again.

This beautiful essence reassures you that love that ignites the soul will awaken you when the time is ready.

It asks you to be ready when the moment represents itself. Heal your wounds so that you may be ready to embrace love once again.

Love is never too far in the distance. Kalanchoe asks you to open your heart and allow the light of love to flow through you.

Larkspur Flower Essence


Botanical Name: Delphinium

Our own inner light is often overshadowed by ourselves. We judge ourselves too harshly and we underestimate our own innate powers. This flower essence is ideal for those who are ready to embrace their own light and radiance.


Nasturtium Flower Essence


Botanical Name: Tropaeolum

As we transition from children into adults, we have a multitude of experiences in our lives. Not all of those experiences are pleasant and we subconsciously bury them, because we were not ready to deal with the trauma associated with these experiences.

This flower essence opens up these hidden emotions relating to those experiences, helping you to process the trauma you were not quite ready to deal with at a younger age. Everything we experience is only our perception of the world.  As we age, we grow personally, emotionally and spiritually. Our ability to reprocess prior experiences based on our personal growth enables us to revisit our perception of experiences.

If you would like to heal childhood trauma, Nasturtium flower essence can help you with this process to reclaim your freedom.

Pansy Flower Essence


Botanical Name: Pansy Viola

Our connection with all that is remains tangible regardless of our perceptions.

This world, where we experience life has multiple realms. They say that only those who believe in magic will ever see and experience the magic.

This flower essence is a sensuous reminder of the inner goddess that lives within your soul.

Acknowledging your inner being, empowers you to embrace the connection with all that is. If you would like to experience a deeper connection this essence will aid you in the process.

Pineapple Sage Flower Essence


Botanical Name: Salvia Elegance

When we are not grounded, it is easy for our emotions to sway in all directions. As intuitives and highly empathic people, we also take on the emotions of others.

This beautiful essence helps you to remain grounded at all times. Enabling you to deal with all events and life occurrences from a secure and balanced state of mind.



Pink Rose Flower Essence


Botanical Name: Rosa

Our lives are so busy and we often neglect to take care of our bodies that take care of us. In order to sustain our body, mind and soul, we need to nourish both the physical, mental and emotional bodies.

If you find yourself in need of loving support and spiritual nourishment, this essence will help you to love and nurture your own being so that you too can walk in the fragrant gardens of your being.


Plantain Flower Essence


Botanical Name: Plantago Lanceolata

Plantain flower essence is a healer of hearts.

This beautiful essence carries not only the loving healing energies of plantain; it also carries the energies of Lemurian Jade, which heals the heart for those who had a difficult past.

If you are looking for the strength to heal your heart and move upwards with your spiritual evolution, this essence will serve you well.

Precious Pink Flower Essence


Botanical Name: Prunus

We are continuously surrounded by change in all avenues and levels our life. Some changes are more radical than others. and takes a heavier toll on those that resist.

If you would like to embrace new beginnings, this essence will help you ease into the transition of change, regardless of the season in your life.


Purple Geranium Flower Essence


Botanical Name: Pelargonium Citronellum

There is intense calling for you to connect with Spirit.

It asks you to let go of the clutter in your mind and to connect your heart with Spirit.

Connectedness will bring peace and tranquility and will allow you to charge your being with light.

When we are filled with light and love, we can make decisions clearly and know that we are divinely guided along the way.

Stinging Nettle Flower Essence


Botanical Name: Urtica Dioica

A beautiful essence filled with intense eclipse moon energies. Illuminating the path.

Stinging Nettle wants to help you to build your strength from the inside. Just like a deeply rooted tree, when you are strong from the inside, the winds of change and challenges may blow, however, these winds will be a reminder of the inner strength you hold in your core.

All obstacles are merely stepping stones, helping you to achieve greater things. When you feel overwhelmed, take the time to remember the growth you have already had. Be grateful for every opportunity that allows you to grow spiritually and enable you to learn more about yourself.

Tiger Lily Flower Essence


Botanical Name: Lilium Bulbiferum

A flower essence that brings joy and happiness. Giving you the freedom to be yourself and loving who you are.

If you find yourself draw inwards and away from the world, perhaps shy and introverted, this flower essence will help to open up to the world with confidence.

Yarrow Flower Essence


Botanical Name: Achilles Milefolium

This essence will help you to embrace every phase of your life.

Make the most of all your experiences, may no moment go without the recognition of its blessings.

She is a powerful protector and you can feel the energy of her essence as she wraps you in a cloak of light.