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Amethyst Crystal Essence



  • Provides spiritual contentment and tranquility
  • Facilitates transmuting of lower energies into higher energies, on both the spiritual and the ethereal planes
  • Represents complete metamorphosis
  • Balances energies (intellectual, emotional and physical bodies) and fosters a connection between heavens and the earth
  • Clears the aura, stabilize and transmute dysfunctional energies, located within your own body
  • Brings peace and stability since before you were born (perfect peace)
  • Stone of meditation (opens and activate the crown chakra)
  • Protects against physic attack, transmutes energies into the universe
  • Enhance cooperation and co-efficiency between ones mental, physical, and emotional bodies as well as the physical and spiritual worlds

Apophyllite Crystal Essence



  • Brings light energy to your being and love to your heart
  • Facilitates astral traveling, enabling the connection with the physical body during travels
  • Enhances and stimulates visions

Black Tourmaline Crystal Essence


Black Tourmaline:

  • High Vibration Crystal
  • Stimulating and grounding stone
  • Powerfully protects against all kinds of negativity, by transmuting negative into positive energies
  • Protects against psychic attacks and dark magick
  • Removes energy blockages from the aura
  • Promotions clear rational thoughts, happiness, and optimism
  • Protects and repels negativity
  • Acts to protect against victimization,
  • Increases physical vitality, emotional stability, and intellectual acuity

Blue Kyanite Crystal Essence


Blue Kyanite:

  • The very best attunement stone, balancing yin and yang energies
  • Dispels energy blockages, moving energy from ethereal plane in a gentle way throughout physical body
  • Does not EVER need to be cleaned or cleared from energy
  • Aligns all chakras, automatically and immediately (without conscious direction)
  • IF conscious direction has been applied ca align emotional, intellectual, physical, ethereal, astral bodies
  • Advance conscious connection between higher levels of intuition and heartfelt love, producing compassion in both communication and decision-making
  • Dispels confusion arising from emotional spiritual and intellectual issues
  • Include recall of dreams and promote dream solving, access to solutions in the dream state

Blue Lace Agate Crystal Essence


Blue Lace Agate:

  • Contains qualities of flight, air movement, and grace
  • Highly inspirational if used for your own inner attunement
  • Activates Crown, 3rd Eye, Throat, and Heart chakras, helping you to enter high-frequency states of awareness
  • Enhances the ability to express yourself verbally
  • Supportive stone that promotes the acceptance of your own emotions

Rose Quartz Crystal Essence


Rose Quartz:

  • Provides a calming and cooling energy that work on all chakras, gently removing negativity and reinstating loving, gentle forces of self-love
  • Balance yin and yang energies and attune to each chakra with the proper frequency of energy vibration
  • Is a healer of emotional wounds and instills a permanent loving nature