There is a quote which reads …
“Sometimes life is about risking everything for a dream no one can see but you”

When you find something that brings you alive, inspires you to create, nourishes your soul and increase your self-confidence, that is a pretty good sign that you are on the right track.

The universe speaks to us in so many ways, and when we open our hearts, we can hear the whispers of trees, the joyful banter of flowers and the messages the animal and crystal kingdoms bring us. We can feel the glow of the sun and the iridescence of the moon. Appreciation of bird songs and the fragrance of flowers drifting on the winds.

We can embrace the energy of the seasons, and live our lives in joyous harmony with the sentience of all.

My name is Ina and I am the creator and owner of I’naturals.

All creations are in harmony with mother nature. I ask permission, give gratitude, and celebrate all the beings whose life force continues to live on in my products.

About the Products

I create most of the products in my shop. The creation process always takes place when I am in a state of love, allowing the energy of the universe and of love and light to flow through me into all I create.

Some shops are in retail; buying and selling products with a focus on quick moving items for this purpose. I create to share the light and love of the world. To honor the passion that lives within my soul, and to share the healing energies that nature provides. I hope that with my products, I help you in your healing process, while you mend, be it a scratch on your knee or a bruised heart.

Handcrafted and small batch items. What does it mean?

Every product I create with my two hands, no additional help from others or machines to increase product output or productivity.

Why is this so important?

When you receive a gift made with love, you know that there were kind thoughts and loving intentions behind the gift. This knowing changes not only the energy of the actual gift; it also forms a special bond between creator and receiver. To further solidify the creative energy in my products, where possible, I decoupage the labels onto all of my essences and oils. The beauty of these labels is that I create them with recycled paper. This further adds to the small batch look and stands out as unique amongst others.

Product write-ups are written by me in my own words. Based on my own experiences and interpretations, I do not want to create the impression that I am an expert at anything; I am a student of life and learn as I go along. I choose to be authentic in my own right by sharing what I have learned.

The Shop Experience

Sometimes you meet someone and the experience fills you with so much awe and wonder, that you feel rejuvenated by their mere presence. I strive to maintain the energy of my space to bring forth a calmness and loving acceptance, where you can embrace all of your feelings whether it is laughter with joy, or letting the tears fall to lighten the burden of your sorrows.

Ina Lubbe